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Xample - Lowdown - Ram Recs 65 [39 Locked]
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#1 :: Post by JONNYT on January 22 2009 18:30:32
got a little thing for you ,how ya wanting some vinyl I'm selling aload Cu's of wanting to upgrade my current rig to another pro setup, I've got the selection wrote I'm willing to do
packs £90x100 records ,
plz choose what you like ,or juggle your selection



*Various-The Four Elements-Air Pt 2(RENEGADE HARDWARE)
*Dylan-The Eyes/Kombat(RENEGADE HARDWARE)
*Various-Aftermath Lp-Essential Rewinds(RENEGADE HARDWARE)
*Various-The Four Elements-Water Pt 4(RENEGADE HARDWARE)
*Usual Suspects & Loxy-Stalker/Fracture(RENEGADE HARDWARE PROMO)
*Universal Project-Danger Chamber/Kraft(Rmx)(RENEGADE HARDWARE PROMO)
*Various-Aftermath(The Remixes)(RENEGADE HARDWARE)
*Resonant Evil-Troubleshoot/Salamol(RENEGADE HARDWARE)
*Various-The Harder They Come Pt 1(RENEGADE HARDWARE)
*Keaton & Hive-The Plague/Resolution(RENEGADE HARDWARE PROMO)
*Various-Quantum Mechanics Lp(RENEGADE HARDWARE)
*Ray Keith-Do It/The Reckoning(V)
*Roni Size-Fashion/Step Up(V)
*Roni Size-Fashion(Rmx)/Fresh(Mask Rmx)(V)
*Dj Die-Play It For Me/Soul!!!(V)
*Dj Die-Special Treat/Something Special(V)
*Dj Krust-Poison/Set Speed(V)
*Roni Size-Soul Power/Silent Partner(V)
*Dj Suv-Dj Suv Ep(V)
*Various-Drum And Bass Fiesta LP Sampler Pt 1(V PROMO)
*Dj Die & Dj Suv-Out Of Sight/Get On Down(Delayed Mix)(V)
*Dj Krust-Angles/Not Necessary A Man(V)
*Trinity-My Love Is True/My Love Is True(Capone Rmx)(V)
*Jagged Edge-Rock Baby/Driver(V)
*Roni Size-Dayz/Box Of Tricks(V)
*Dj Krust-Warhead(Steppa Mix)/Check Dis Out(V)
*Various-Planet V Lp(V)
*Various-Here Comes Trouble Vol 4(TROUBLE ON VINYL)
*Various-Here Comes Trouble Vol 5(TROUBLE ON VINYL)
*Various-Here Comes Trouble Vol 6(TROUBLE ON VINYL)
*Maldini-Flav Ep(TROUBLE ON VINYL)
*IQ Collective-Rebound(Remixes)(TROUBLE ON VINYL)
*Dj Red-Physical Jewels(Rmx)/Exocet(TROUBLE ON VINYL)
*Various-Champion Soundz Lp Sampler(TROUBLE ON VINYL)
*Various-Hooligan Ep(TROUBLE ON VINYL PROMO)
*Various-Code Of The Streets Sampler(TROUBLE ON VINYL)
*Dj Reality-Decent/Methods(TROUBLE ON VINYL)
*Dj Reality-Music Maker/Raw Nerve(TROUBLE ON VINYL)
*Dj Friction & Nu Balance-Cryogenix/Movement(TROUBLE ON VINYL)
*D Bridge-Keep It Real/Bring Da Flava(TROUBLE ON VINYL)
*Dillinja-Live Or Die/South Manz(VALVE)
*Dillinja & Lemon D-The Killa Hertz Lp(VALVE)
*Dillinja & Lemon D-Fastcar/Generation X(Rmx)(VALVE PICTURE DISC)
*Dillnja-Cybotron Lp(VALVE)
*Dillinja & Lemon D-Big Bad Bass Lp(VALVE PROMO)
*MA2-Rollers Music/Hearing Is Believing(FORMATION)
*Rayner-Futureproof Ep(FORMATION)
*Twisted Individual-Twisted Individutron Ep(FORMATION PROMO)
*Influx Datum-Back For More/Alright(FORMATION)
*Danny C-Citrus/Mean Streets(PORTICA)
*Ant Miles-Joyride/Medieval(LIFTIN' SPIRIT)
*Dj Daze-Rough Beats/Inflicted(RISING)
*Dj Rap-Spiritual Aura(Danny C Rmx)/(Freestylers Rmx)(PROPER TALENT)
*Dj Rap-Rumble/Rumble Pt 2(PROPER TALENT)
*John B-Up All Night(Rmx)/Diversify(Rmx)(METALHEADZ)
*Specimen A-Global Terror/Global Terror(Twisted Anger Rmx)(INSPIRIT BREAKS)
*Capone-What You Sayin'/There Will Be A Time(TEST)
*Dom & Roland-Imagination/Imagination(Kemal & Rob Data Rmx)(MOVING SHADOW)
*Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith-Conspiracy Ep(URBAN TAKEOVER PROMO)
*Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith-Stigmata/Time(TECHNIQUE)
*Tommy Knocker-All For Love(EZ Rollers Rmx)/What I Dream(INTERCOM)
*Various-Quad 2(FUNCTION)
*The Ye Ye Girls-I Was A Ye Ye Girl(Dillinja Rmx)/(Badfellas Rmx)(N2)
*J Majik Vs Hatiras-Spaced Invader(INFRARED PROMO)
*Concord Dawn-Morning Light/Check This Sound(TIMELESS)
*Total Science-Hot Spot/Love 2 U(TIMELESS)
*Trend-2 Degrees 2/Anthem(LIVE)
*Unknown-Unknown(PROMO PTX09)
*Dj Ben-Get That Shit/Like(PHATTRAX PROMO)
*Dungeon Master-Expert/Sound Machine(PHATTRAX PROMO)
*Unknown-Lion Did Crown/Move,Move(CONGO NATTY PROMO)
*175 Crew-Volume 1(175 PROMO)
*The Fugees-Ooh La La(Rmx)(UNKNOWN QM1)
*Eskvah-Preacher Man/Seorita(COLOUR STONE)
*The Successful Criminals-Control Freak/Tardis(AUDIO COUTURE)
*Calyx-Acid Blues/Trapdoor(AUDIO COUTURE)
*Roni Size-Share The Fall(Full Vocal Mix)/(Way Out West Rmx)(MERCURY/TALKIN LOUD)
*Roni Size-Watching Windows(Roni Size Vocal Rmx)(MERCURY/TALKIN LOUD)
*Dj Krust-Re Arrange(Dj Die Rmx)/(Dj Die Inst)(MERCURY/TALKIN LOUD)
*Swoosh-The Way Ya Rockin/Make 'Em Clap(BACK 2 BASICS)
*Shy FX-Shake Ur Body/The Message(DUBPLATE)
*Spawn-Move On/Shadows(SWITCH)
*The Eliminators-Raw Hide/Iron Hand(Rmx)(SWITCH)
*Unknown-4 Wheel Drive Ep(RUF BEATS MUSIC)
*3 Mile Island-Juicy Fruit/Stretch(SLALOM)
*Ellis Dee-Nice Up Ya Scene/Ooh Boy(WHITEHOUSE)
*Dj SS-White(PROMO ROLL002)
*Serious Intent-Mandee's Resistance/Music's Hypnotising(EASY PROMO)
*Various-Spy Technologies Vol 1 LP Sampler(DSC14 PROMO)
*Various-Mutationz I-IV(DSC14)
*Mampi Swift-Rebirth/Nerve(CHARGE PROMO)
*Aftermath-Radiohead Ep(BLADE)
*Various-Playaz 4 Real Lp(TRUE PLAYAZ)
*Weaver-Devils Sister/The Underground(FLEX)
*Shy FX-Bambaata 2012(Episode 1)/Back To The Core(EBONY)
*Shy FX-Funkindemup(EBONY)
*Adam F Ft Guru-Karma(High Contrast Rmx)/(John B Rmx)(KAOS PICTURE DISC)
*Hive-The Raw Uncut Ep Sampler(VORTEX)

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#2 :: Post by JONNYT on January 22 2009 18:40:37

Regular Bass Abuser

Posts: 118
Joined: 23.07.08
Location: Brierleyhill west mids UK
#3 :: Post by Eternal Quest on January 23 2009 12:23:17
omg u cant sell the four elements EPs!!!!!

Eternal Quest
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#4 :: Post by ABV on January 26 2009 20:00:11
If I was in the UK and had tables. Id buy everything ur selling... sigh...

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