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Can you spare a few quid / bux?
#1 :: Post by ABV on May 18 2010 15:37:20
This is a special plea to all our djs, current, old and new as well as listeners and general supporters.

Due to lack of donations over the last 6 months, we have found ourselves in a bit of a pickle. We are currently 1 month behind on our server bills and with the piss poor donation amount as it stands (only 15 donated this month) we face going into another month behind. Our server supplying company has been extremely good to us and has allowed us to continue rolling over the month behind for a while now.

I want to get up to date with our server bills. Psycho and myself will be putting some serious cash into the pot at the end of the month, but we could really do with your help.

Spread the word about donations on your shows.
Facebook / twitter / myspace about donations.
give a few quid or few bux yourself. if you cant afford 5 quid or 7 bux then a couple of quid/bux would be just as helpful.

Its no wonder some stations are dying ducks these days especially considering the financial burden they produce to the people that have to pay the server bill.

We really dont care how known you are, how much promoting of your show you do, how many guests u provide. at the end of the day its pretty straight forward. no donations, no station = no show. Sure you can go else where but you will find you HAVE to pay for your air time! COMPULSORY, not optional!

We have been going over 4 years now thanks to those who donate regularly, but right now it just is not enough. Those who never donate know who they are and I aint gonna name names.

Once last thing, we have a new site coming end of May with some cool features..

Regular Bass Abuser

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Location: Niagara, Canada
#2 :: Post by dj smallz on May 20 2010 01:41:16
I got five on it........ actually $7.36....... Its not much, but its something biggups abv,,, keepin the site fresh....

dj smallz
Regular Bass Abuser

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Location: Denver, Colorado
#3 :: Post by subloco on May 20 2010 19:27:59
i been slacking recently, i just keep forgeting , i will sort it out on payday

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#4 :: Post by SHARK on May 20 2010 21:16:32
thumbs upUNITED WE STAND - DIVIDED WE'LL FALLthumbs down

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Location: Hamburg / Germany
#5 :: Post by dj smallz on May 21 2010 01:55:14
^^^^^nice sig^^^^^

dj smallz
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Joined: 05.09.09
Location: Denver, Colorado
#6 :: Post by Grayzee on June 11 2010 13:26:50
do i send money via paypal? and how much are you guys behind on... i got some money i can chip in to help out...

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Location: portsmouth
#7 :: Post by SHARK on September 28 2010 08:54:19
Whats up with the donationcounter??? pissed
I mean...i dont need to see my name on a list or something Finger
I just want to know how good / bad it is if i take a look at my famopage Hmm
And same old serious are all the other ppl on here, do they take care of our station or taking a piss Dunno
It looks like a new age to kick some asses again! thumbs down

Regular Bass Abuser

Posts: 173
Joined: 14.01.08
Location: Hamburg / Germany
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