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Bassjunkees New Management
#1 :: Post by ABV on January 12 2011 19:56:02
Hey all

This February will see Bassjunkees Radio turn 5 years old.. Can you believe that - 5 years old! Amazing really how time really does fly. In the last five years Bassjunkees has gone through many changes both its website and its team of DJ's. Its certainly had its problems, its stresses, its highs and lows, but I guess it wouldn't be around today if we didn't love to do what we do.

As many of you will know and understand, things change, people change and circumstances change. You will have noticed that next to nothing has changed with Bassjunkees in the last year or so. Myself and Psycho have not been about to do things as much as we would have liked or was able to previous years. We both feel that due to our situations, circumstances and other personal things going on, that rather than see Bassjunkees become stagnant and possibly die.. we would rather pass Bassjunkees to a team who have the passion, ability and stamina to take Bassjunkees to another level and keep its future safe.

And so we announce today that as from 30th January 2011, Bassjunkees will be in control and managed by the I Love Drum & Bass (ildnb) team of which consists of website developers, system analysts and total music / DNB freaks. we just know they'll take the reins with full force and breath more life into Bassjunkees than we can do.

For you the listener, the fan or the dj, nothing will change. Not only will you continue to enjoy the same quality shows that you have come to expect, but you'll be hearing more variety as the ildnb team work on adding new talent to the rosta and perhaps some unexpected new styles of play. I guess you'll just have to watch this space and see where the team take us.

These next few following weeks will see the complete Bassjunkees server transferred to the ildnb servers where they will host the website. You shouldn't really see any downtime, differences or problems in anyway, but if you for some reason do experience something, know its down to this and things will be fixed soon.

Myself and psycho will still be around. As much as we are passing Bassjunkees to fresher breath, we will still be lurking around and involved in someway. Hell you may even see us doing shows again sometime soon!

We'll certainly update this post as information and developments happen..

For now Im ABV for Bassjunkees News.. Somewhere on the planet.. In cyberspace...

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#2 :: Post by Julez on January 13 2011 09:01:15
Sounds good, big up all bassjunkees!

abv you must do a new show! Smile

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#3 :: Post by Eternal Quest on January 13 2011 13:57:35
Big up Psycho and ABV!! And yea I second what Julez says and add that Psycho needs to get doing a show again!!

Eternal Quest
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#4 :: Post by Eternal Quest on January 13 2011 14:05:08
And when is JK starting her show? Pfft Been waiting years now!!

Eternal Quest
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#5 :: Post by brick on January 13 2011 21:25:58
All the best from me too...!
May the bass be with you

P.S: EQ can you upload the first show ever,when JK was doin the MC? I know someone has it

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#6 :: Post by Eternal Quest on January 14 2011 11:37:30
Sadly I don't. I Wish someone still had the 14 or 15 hour show me C and Dark did when Bassjunkees had just started up. Was great fun! Aah the memories. Good old Fosters (I think).
I'd completely forgotten Bassjunkees was once a 2 channel station with hardcore n hard dance etc on the 2nd channel, loved it! Seems like there's so few of the then regulars left Sad

Anyway Onwards and upwards!!

Eternal Quest
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#7 :: Post by JK on January 14 2011 17:09:30
Eternal Quest wrote:
And when is JK starting her show? Pfft Been waiting years now!!

ummm when i figure out beatmatching.. which will probably be never...

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#8 :: Post by Dinde on January 15 2011 04:08:14
Hello everybody,

I'm Dinde from crew Smile

We're actualy migrating the whole Bassjunkees system to a new server.
In the meantime, ABV and I fixed few things.
- Fixed currency on donations and price to 75 -> That's what cost the new server. Smile (Yeah it's cheaper now !)
- Fixed Chat Room Bot which was announcing bad listeners count -> Now it ain't lie anymore !
- Fixed broken links on podjunkees which was preventing people to use it correctly and did some 404 errors. -> Should work as expected now !

- ABV is gonna add a feature for donation's page soon.

About the migration, we're actualy waiting for the DNS to be disseminated to start it.
Servers are almost sync'ed (at least the biggest amount of datas are allready here).

It's probably to be done this night.
Keep tuned !

Head Therapist / SEO

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#9 :: Post by Dinde on January 15 2011 09:40:18
Migration status: 90%
- Databases + Webistes ( + archives migrated.
- DNS are still disseminating.
- Replaced shoutcast panel by a bare relay.
- All relays (including old server) are pointing to the new server.
- Archive player started and working
- Now main relay isn't public anymore
- Increased from 256 to 512 slots the relay ilovedrumnbass's provided (which turns as main relay now)

- Found few bugs with podjunkees host link to fix ...
- Install a php opcode accelerator
- Advanced tests.

Keep locked !

Head Therapist / SEO

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#10 :: Post by pep on January 15 2011 11:06:42

Big Up all Bassjunkees crew!
Props on the awesome work Dinde! If it weren't for you... Wink
Catch y'all on the chat!

pep (ildnb)

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#11 :: Post by Dinde on January 15 2011 16:58:54
Hi again !

Redirection from the old to the new server has been forced to avoid any updates on the old website.
The DNS propagation should be over tomorrow, so if you see instead of www, no worries ! Pfft
Everything looks running correctly. I hope it won't be any problem with lives and the recorder !
Don't hesitate to hit me on the chatroom (Dinde or Kayser) !

We noticed a bug to confirm with the Sign In or Login function, we actualy can't login if we don't check "remember me" checkbox.
If someone can confirm us he can reproduce the problem, we'll investigate on it.
Check the box in case of problem, it should sort it out.

Thanks for people donating this month the real bill is 100 for old server and 75 for the new, but if you can only cover with donations the old one, it would be awesome for the previous Management.
Respect out to all admins, djs and listeners who contributed to this project and to all futur contributors !

Stay around, we're on the move !
Don't forget to update your playlist with the new server the previous relay will be soon down.


Head Therapist / SEO

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#12 :: Post by Omnitrix1985 on January 16 2011 12:23:12
yah man big upz to yous youve done a wicked job on the site and keeping it a flot big respect to yous Wink
B) Its so nice Ya gotta play it twice B)

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#13 :: Post by Dinde on January 18 2011 02:25:00
Hey folks,

Migration is all finished and all bugs have been found fixed.
We're still working on improving all of the actual website, before building another one.
One of the features we want is to get all LIVE shows announced on FaceBook.
You can consider that it's done Clap!
Tested tonight with the DungeonKru ! BIGUP !
Since we can't link it to a group, we used Ilovedrumnbass fanpage (~10 000 people).
You'll be able to check at this page: http://www.facebo...rumandbass
There is: "Radio NP: Blablabla", which is historical Ildnb's relay, replaying some sets found over the web.
And there is also the: "Bassjunkees LIVE": Casanovadj - Dungeon Kru Airwaves
We hope that this feature will increase the people you can reach !

We also noticed that you discussed on what should be the playlist when there is no live.
We'll respect the choice you've made and we'll leave single tracks on playlist.
The near future improvements will be to be able to control the playlist from the chatroom with some commands like !skip, !delete.
The playlist will be soon rebuilt with some new tunes, a bunch of drum'n'bass & dubstep maybe some others things just for fun Smile

Next point is less cool, today monday on 4 expected shows, it was none played and not any messages asking for a cover.
We'll check in the next few weeks who's actualy doing his show and who's not. We'll probably free some slots ...

Please don't forget to come in the chatroom, there are some people there and it's mandatory for DJs Smile
That way you'll get all the support you deserve from us.

Peace !

Head Therapist / SEO

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#14 :: Post by Eternal Quest on January 18 2011 11:32:32
Nice one Dinde, and yea i agree about the DJs, I keep coming onto site to tune in and is rarely anyone live (of an evening).

Eternal Quest
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#15 :: Post by JONNYT on January 18 2011 19:09:19
yeah man big up the dinde and all involved great work...

Regular Bass Abuser

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#16 :: Post by pep on January 18 2011 20:13:53
Quoting Eternal Quest: Nice one Dinde, and yea i agree about the DJs, I keep coming onto site to tune in and is rarely anyone live (of an evening).

Ya, as Dinde said, pep be keeping a little black book about shows taking place or not. wait

Regular Bass Abuser

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#17 :: Post by DJ DiL on January 19 2011 00:30:40
Big up Dinde and the whole bassjunkees/ildnb family, appreciate all the hard work, lets give the listeners something to listen to!

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#18 :: Post by Dinde on January 19 2011 02:15:09
Hey junkees !

First thanks guys for your support, we don't feel doing it for nothing ! BIGUPs !!!

Recording system has been recently modified, you don't have to set any timer now.
It will record automaticly and end up when dropped from the source.
If you've a problem like with your Internet Provider (Dear Bell .... FU !) disconnecting, just reconnect from DJ Area.
Name the new record - Part 2 or something which makes sense.

Toromorow, we'll add a last feature to avoid duplicates records of 0mb when you're failing to connect. Smile
They'll be deleted automaticly.

Cheers !

Head Therapist / SEO

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#19 :: Post by Phatgurlyjae on January 19 2011 05:18:17
Big Up's to Dinde and Everyone who makes this possible and The Dj's...BOH!!Clap.
I am for sure tuning in as much as possible, The vibe in the chat room is nice and I hope more people will join in and add to
Keep up the good work!! BIG UP'S DnB
Oh and Bell Canada...FUUUUUU lol (messin with my eargazims )mad

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#20 :: Post by Myth on January 19 2011 14:51:19
Great job Dinde! Clearly you're working hard at improvements, the hard work is much appreciated! Keep it up! up! So the bass can drop.

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