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New DJunkess & Schedules !
#1 :: Post by Dinde on February 26 2011 17:39:36

There is some new DJs since we migrated the servers.
I forget to do a news every time i add one on the schedule, so here is the list:
- DJ Dil moved his slot to Monday 1:00AM - 3:00AM
- Welcome to ErockB Thursday 4:00AM - 6:00AM
- Welcome to Ji Ben Gong Thursday 6:00PM - 8:00PM
- Welcome to dexta Friday 8:00PM - 11:00PM
- Welcome to Phikticious Sunday 5:00PM - 6:00PM

Soon we gonna remove DJs that are not active from the Schedule.
Avalaible slots are:
- Monday: It seems that Flood, Jossman, Undadog, Botrytis are not showing anymore, jossman should be back soon. So 8PM - 00AM are free slots !!!
- Tuesday: 6PM-8PM & 9PM-10PM are free !
- Wednesday: Looks good if all djs shows (or ask for cover to let us know) Smile
- Thursday: Subloco ain't show since months, Ji Ben Gong is doing overtime when he can to cover his slot. 8PM-10PM will be fill soon Smile . sedo looks like to be back with us, BIGUP !
- Friday: spadoincle is showing sometimes ... Grayzee never shown so 3PM-7PM are free
- Saturday: 8PM-00AM are free and in the night (sunday) kasious never shown all free !!!
- Sunday: 4PM-5PM is free

I'd like to thanks all DJs that are covering the free slots by doing some "Renegades".
BIGUP Guys !

If you're avalaible to do a show on a free slot, come over the chat, and feel free to do your renegade !
If you wanna apply for a show, click -> http://www.bassju...-show.html
Thanks for all the vibes Smile

Head Therapist / SEO

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Joined: 12.01.11
Location: Paris/FRANCE
#2 :: Post by Eternal Quest on February 26 2011 18:10:01
Big up Dinde!! Im gunna try and grab one of those slots soon. When is ABV show?? Nice one!

Eternal Quest
Regular Bass Abuser

Posts: 835
Joined: 10.10.07
Location: UK
#3 :: Post by DJ DiL on February 26 2011 22:13:20
i might be looking to change my slot time as well, i talked to you about this dinde, more listeners the better, still figuring out whats good time around my school schedule.

Resident Therapist / DJ

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Location: Los Angeles, CA

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between: 00:00:00 - 01:00:00
#4 :: Post by Phatgurlyjae on February 28 2011 01:01:26
Big Up's and Welcome to the new DJ's !!! Grin
( ( (d[-.-]b) ) ) Love Peace and Muuuusic!!!

Regular Bass Abuser

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Joined: 14.01.11
Location: Chillin out somewhere .....
#5 :: Post by pep on February 28 2011 16:17:20
Yes, big shouts to all the DJs providing us with wicked shows every day!

Peace, Bassjunkees !

Regular Bass Abuser

Posts: 42
Joined: 12.01.11
Location: Belgium
#6 :: Post by ErockB on February 28 2011 18:41:43
Boh! Ez all.
Proud to be here on Bassjunkees.
Big Upz to all the other Dj's/Radio Management
Lets make Bassjunkees the best Drum n Bass/Jungle Radio Station in the world!

Regular Bass Abuser

Posts: 3
Joined: 21.02.11
Location: Sacramento Ca
#7 :: Post by SHARK on March 01 2011 21:42:35
big ups all the new crew. welcome on board Clap

free slot sun 16-17 filled as i went back to a 3hrs show. Tounge

Regular Bass Abuser

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Joined: 14.01.08
Location: Hamburg / Germany
#8 :: Post by Kasious on March 10 2011 21:27:50
hey junkees
sorry for my absence the past few shows ive been mad busy with work
but its all sorted now and ill be back regularly from 0:00-2:00 GMT on Sundays (7-9 EST saturday)
big up !!

Regular Bass Abuser

Posts: 2
Joined: 22.10.09
Location: Toronto
#9 :: Post by Doumpa on March 23 2011 15:36:57
Proud to enter th to e Djunkees family!!!

I'll be taking the 8 to 10pm slot every Monday from next week

2 hours of Dubwize DnB / Ragga Jungle live and direct

Regular Bass Abuser

Posts: 3
Joined: 22.03.11
Location: Bath UK
#10 :: Post by Eternal Quest on March 23 2011 17:05:05

Eternal Quest
Regular Bass Abuser

Posts: 835
Joined: 10.10.07
Location: UK
#11 :: Post by airsmash on March 26 2011 03:20:52
EZ all

Brand new show (Chilled Out Radio) coming up Every Sunday 1100-1200 GMT!!

Hosted by myself, Airsmash and playing the latest in Liquid and dark DnB! LIVE from Perth Western Australia


Chilled Out Radio, Weekly, Wednesday 4-5pm gmt
Live From Perth Western Australia

Resident Therapist / DJ

Posts: 16
Joined: 27.02.11
Location: Perth - Western Australia

Junkee Residency Info
------------------------------- Recorded Podcasts: 214
Show Name: Chilled Out Radio
Plays: every Wed
between: 16:00:00 - 17:00:00
#12 :: Post by Eternal Quest on March 26 2011 18:13:43
Welcome! Good to see more n more new DJs!

Eternal Quest
Regular Bass Abuser

Posts: 835
Joined: 10.10.07
Location: UK
#13 :: Post by Dinde on March 27 2011 00:21:51
Yeah that's how we like it !
Welcome to the fam' Airsmash & Doumpa Smile

Head Therapist / SEO

Posts: 68
Joined: 12.01.11
Location: Paris/FRANCE
#14 :: Post by Dinde on April 13 2011 19:54:00
Botrytis & Undadog removed from monday schedule after not showing at all.
We'd to do this to free their slots.

So now the monday is Doumpa (20-22h) & Re-Mecs (22-00h) powered ! Smile

Head Therapist / SEO

Posts: 68
Joined: 12.01.11
Location: Paris/FRANCE
#15 :: Post by DirtyDozen12 on April 13 2011 20:59:36
hi all im back after a long time with new home and internet sure looking forward to hearing new djs good job Clap

Regular Bass Abuser

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Joined: 13.04.11
Location: Bristol, UK
#16 :: Post by DJ idler on April 14 2011 14:05:34
nice 1, big up to the new dj's. Watch out for Sedo and Tanc tearing it up this evening along with myself tomorow at 7pm Smile

DJ idler
Regular Bass Abuser

Posts: 22
Joined: 28.01.08
Location: Mold North Wales
#17 :: Post by Dinde on April 25 2011 18:36:09
Welcome to Arkhive and his crew all mondays 23:00 - 00:00 !
I'd to remove Spadoincle from Friday's schedule since another DJ claimed his slot and he didn't show for months now.
Welcome to Shinobi DJ friday 15:00 - 17:00 !
To all DJs I'd to remove from schedule, feel free to contact me, and get a new slot.
We never remove ACTIVE DJs. Wink

Restored spadoincle since shinobi can't finaly make it friday.
Shinobi DJ should play from 2:00 to 3:00 tuesdays

Head Therapist / SEO

Posts: 68
Joined: 12.01.11
Location: Paris/FRANCE
#18 :: Post by burning2nd on July 07 2011 22:57:56
ez... I think this is where you directed me to in the email Smile

Looking for something on the weekends i think...

Im not sure really... you had said something about posting here so you could grant me access to the dj section... This sight is BMT right?
Im -5hrs so ...... late Saturday nights is good

anyway no need to discus it here.. Be seeing ya all soon...

Big up ya all

Regular Bass Abuser

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