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Eveson - Lazy Dayz - Avalanche 10 [40 Locked]
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#1 :: Post by ABV on February 22 2010 07:47:01
We are pleased to announce that teamed up with who have donated a shoutcast stream to use providing capacity for 256 listeners.

So what does this mean?
It means we can take off 15 GBP per month from our overall server bill (now reflected in the amount od donations required to keep running) as well as use the extra bandwidth saved from our own server to serve more downloads. is a private organisation with extremely reliable networks and servers. This means we can be sure that streams will be avaialble at all times.

Visit Ilovedrumnbass -

Junkees Flash player -

ilovedrumnbass FB Fan page - http://www.facebo...8412370758

ilovedrumnbass FB Group - http://www.facebo...4922139532

Thank you once again to our regular donators who make keeping this station running possible. An additional big thanks to for donating the shoutcast server, making it easier for us to reach our monhtly financial demands.

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#2 :: Post by Eternal Quest on February 22 2010 13:34:34
excellent stuff!!
does the lcked in number on homepage include those locked through i love dnb?

Eternal Quest
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#3 :: Post by ABV on February 22 2010 19:13:56

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Location: Niagara, Canada
#4 :: Post by PsychicHigh on February 28 2010 07:20:09
Thanks Dinde, and the kru, for the relay! Definitely helping out Grin
Hopefully it'll help us spread the BJR word

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#5 :: Post by Psycho on March 02 2010 11:32:02

new dnb just put up

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#6 :: Post by Skyofblood on April 08 2010 19:17:30
hey why are there no more dj´s in the chat ?!
16 years old , trying to get professional beatboxer ... Wink

hobbies:beatbox,ice hockey ,playing drums , and chillin with friends

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#7 :: Post by DJ DiL on April 10 2010 13:26:31
i usually am really busy during the week but i try to be in there as much as i can on the weekends, my show is on saturday nights, sunday morning GMT time =)

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#8 :: Post by Dj_SiR_L on May 29 2010 08:51:41
Hey what's up I'm a very good dj trying to get out there. I go by the name of dj sir l. I have nothing but love for the dnb world been n the game for awhile. If there any good dj in the orange co. Area that want to colab hot me up @ or aim me @ . Thx much luv dj's doing it right now....:-)

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