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Junkee User Dj Sweetleaf Signed up 10th October 2007
Position Bassjunkees Resident DJ Last Fix 18th May 2016
Location Here!! Forum Posts 23 Posts
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The L.F.O. Sessions has been running for around 3 years now. It's reincarnated from another station I used to play on many years ago, and now the name lives on. I'm DJ SweetLeaf and have been since 1994. I've been making tunes since 1995 and am planning to release stuff on-line on my own label soon'(ish.) Check out for some older tracks. On the L.F.O. Sessions we hardly ever plan what we're gonna play. For the first few years it was just myself on the show although I had been working with other DJ's including now resident guest AKA. As a group of about 6 DJ's, including myself, about 10 we used to do free or 'squat' parties. We stopped for many years as the crowd at the time was not, how can I put this, 'clean cut', so we stopped and put on a few club nights. Now 10 years on, under a different collective name, we're back doing squat parties! Some things never change, apart from the crowd which seems to be a bit nicer. AKA and myself always play bangers and we try to put some dubplates in there as well. We mix it up from new stuff to tunes more than ten years old and sometimes back to jungle or hardcore from 1992!! Lately more dubstep tunes have been creeping in and AKA like's cheese. (If it's too cheesey I threaten to destroy his CD!) Catch us wednesdays 9pm GMT!!! Peace and one... SweetLeaf.



Live Show Day Every Wednesday from 21:00:00 to 23:00:00
Date Show Name File Size Hits User Action
19 May 2016 The L.f.o. Sessions 102.45 MB 24
12 May 2016 The L.f.o. Sessions 112.42 MB 19
28 Apr 2016 The L.f.o. Sessions 108.79 MB 32
21 Apr 2016 The L.f.o. Sessions 88.28 MB 37
14 Apr 2016 The L.f.o. Sessions 114.27 MB 32
7 Apr 2016 The L.f.o. Sessions 101.48 MB 36
31 Mar 2016 The L.f.o. Sessions 101.47 MB 32
24 Mar 2016 The L.f.o. Sessions 37.91 MB 36
23 Mar 2016 The L.f.o. Sessions 68.41 MB 39
17 Mar 2016 The L.f.o. Sessions 106.06 MB 41
E-SCALATION Radioshow Part 2
May 28th, 2016 | Downloads: 4 | 2.89 MB hosted by Julez. BNR, Jabba and NGL
May 28th, 2016 | Downloads: 3 | 88.11 MB hosted by Me2You Crew, NGL and Jabba
The Launch Pad
May 28th, 2016 | Downloads: 2 | 1.25 MB hosted by EvanTheScientist
May 27th, 2016 | Downloads: 4 | 1,019.18 KB hosted by Back2Wax
May 27th, 2016 | Downloads: 3 | 54.97 MB hosted by Back2Wax
Liquidator Series # 91 Special G
posted by djpsyco (0 posts)
I:a / Inception:audio - Planet I
posted by wiz (0 posts)
Freqax - Meant To Believe Lp
posted by sarmale (0 posts)
Liquidator Series # 90 Special G
posted by djpsyco (0 posts)
Liquidator Series # 89 Special G
posted by djpsyco (0 posts)
Damage Inc - Blackball Remixes E
posted by wiz (0 posts)
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