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Incontext - As The Sun Goes Down< [22 Locked]
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Add the Bassjunkees Promo Banner to your website or Forum signature on any forum to help promote the station. Our banners are dynamic which means they will always show who is currently live on air as well as total number of addicts locked in. Here's what will show up:

Copy all the code in one of the boxes below and paste it in your webpage where you would like the banner to be displayed.

<a href=><img src=></a>

Display this banner in a forum Signature : Get the Code

Forums generally use BBCode for displaying images, however depending on what software the forum is based on can depend on the BBCode used for displaying images. Generally the [img] tag is used. Copy all the code in one of the boxes below and paste it in your forum signature box when editing your forum profile.


Bling up ya MSN Piccies whilst supporting bassjunkees at the same time. Find below 6 Pics to chose from. Just right click each image below and choose "save as" from the menu that appears.


Using Avatars on Other Forums / websites

If you wish to use any of these avatars on the bassjunkees forum or any other forum, just use the links below. Most forums will allow you to link to an offsite avatar, so just copy and paste the links given below and your avatar will show up. If the forum you are using does not allow offsite linking just save which ever image you wish to use to your PC and use the forums upload avatar feature (which is found on pretty much almost all forums).


Feel free to place the player on your own website or where ever else you would like to put tunage. Unfortunately myspace does not allow javascript and use of it (where hacked) could result in your account being closed (and we dont want that!). Its also been untested in Facebook and any other networking websites, although we do encourage you to try and see how it goes.

Copy the code in one of the boxes below and paste the code where you want the player to show. Its that simple!

Not sure what the Junkees Player looks like? Check it out here.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><div id="flashcontent"></div><script type="text/javascript"> var browser=navigator.appName; var res = ""; browser = browser.toLowerCase(); if(browser=="netscape"){res = "opened_by=MOZILLA";}else{res = "opened_by=IE";} var webradio = new SWFObject(""+res+"&xml=", "skin6","385", "368", "8", "#212939", true); webradio.addParam("quality", "high"); webradio.addParam("allowScriptAccess", "always"); webradio.write("flashcontent");</script>

If all else fails and for some reason the code doesnt work for you, you should be able to use the code below (in myspace, facebook and most other networking websites) which will show a basic windows media player box on your page which tunes in to Bassjunkees.

<embed type="application/x-mplayer2" pluginspage = "" src="" align="middle" width=400 height=50 defaultframe="rightFrame" showstatusbar=true></embed>

Whatever it is you do in life , where ever you go, its always handy to have a stack of bassjunkees radio mini flyers in your pocked to give out when you need them! Pubs, Clubs, schools, colleges, supermarkets, hair salons, leave some on the buss, the train, the ship or even a plane!

You can download either full colour or black & white (save some ink) in A4 or letter size formats. All images are at 300 DPI which means the print out should be nice clean and crisp (depending on the paper and ink you use and your printer in general). So just download, print out, cut up and go dish some out! Bigup and thanks for supporting us!

Click on a pack to download according to the paper size that you use for your printer. (8 flyers per page). All packages are archived using winzip.

Paper size Format Countries s uitable for Full Color Flyers Black & White Flyers
A4 paper - 290mm x 210mm United Kingdom, Europe Download (11439 hits) Download (11274 hits)
Letter Size paper - 8.5 x 11" United States, Canada Download (11126 hits) Download (11061 hits)

3000 x 3000 Pixels / 107.143 x 107.143cm
28 PCM / 300 DPI - Pixel Depth / Colours : 24 / 16 Million
File Size: 26367k (rar packaged)
2784 x 1278 Pixels / 99.429 x 45.643cm
28 PCM / 300 DPI - Pixel Depth / Colours : 24 / 16 Million
File Size: 10423k (rar packaged)
File Format Background Downloads Get Pack File Format Background Downloads Get Pack
PNG Black (11084 hits) Download PNG Black (9933 hits) Download
PNG White (10647 hits) Download PNG White (9518 hits) Download
Paint Shop Pro Transparent (10156 hits) Download Paint Shop Pro Transparent (8548 hits) Download
Photo Shop Transparent (10387 hits) Download Photo Shop Transparent (9041 hits) Download
Sep 30th, 2022 | Downloads: 0 | 108.65 MB hosted by crs
GridLock Radio
Sep 25th, 2022 | Downloads: 0 | 157.23 MB hosted by dj_data-bass
GridLock Radio
Sep 24th, 2022 | Downloads: 0 | 59.73 MB hosted by dj_data-bass
Sep 23rd, 2022 | Downloads: 0 | 108.79 MB hosted by crs guest Roger
GridLock Radio
Sep 18th, 2022 | Downloads: 0 | 148.15 MB hosted by dj_data-bass
Liquidator Series 120 Soulful Se
posted by djpsyco (0 posts)
Displaced Paranormals Ft. Dubtek
posted by wiz (0 posts)
Fuj - Opia/pelagic [inception:au
posted by wiz (0 posts)
Liquidator Series 13 Years Speci
posted by djpsyco (0 posts)
Ffb - Dnb Rolling #1 (october 20
posted by FonFonBoy (0 posts)
Kit Curse & Parasite - Scare
posted by wiz (0 posts)
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